Residential Rentals

There are currently a variety of appealing and affordable apartments and homes for rent in Southeast, AL.  James Grant Realty can help you find the residence that best suits your specific needs.  Whether you need to rent a multiple bedroom home to comfortably fit your family, or just want to find a simple one-person apartment with amenities, our team can help you find the perfect place to rent. 

For property owners who are searching for a rental agent, James Grant Realty can provide the experience and proficiency that you need to help you become a successful and profitable landlord.  Thanks to our wealth of experience in the Dothan market and surrounding areas, we can help you price your property listings and help keep your buildings occupied.  For instance, we can assist you in finding suitable tenants, creating lease agreements and keep you apprised of the complex laws, building codes and city ordinances that naturally come with renting out property.  Furthermore, we can help you manage the day to day affairs, assist you in tax preparations and properly advertise and market your property when you are searching for a new tenant.

If you would like to learn more about the ways James Grant Realty can help you, or would like to inquire about one of the residential rentals we have listed on our site, please contact us.  Customer service is our number one goal, and our team of dedicated professionals will work tirelessly to help you achieve your desired outcome.


1513 Carver  -  2/1      $500mo/$500dep 1100 W Newton Apt- 2/1.5 $450mo/$450 dep
108 Pecan Place- 2/1.5  $545mo/$545 dep 210 Azalea - 2/2 $900mo/$900dep -mid July
107 Waxmyrtle - 3/2  $975mo/$975dep 1737 Fortner- 3/2 $750mo/$750dep
313 Daniels- 3/2 $975mo/$975dep
Agent will have to show
814 Mandarin 2/1  $700mo/$700 dep COMMERCIAL
9425 Hwy 84 W  $900mo/$900dep frt bldg only
1109 Valley Forge- 3/1 - $595mo/$595dep 2nd bldg rented sep $600 Warehouse
112 Petersburg- 3/2  $1200mo/$1200dep 1125 S. St Andrews - $475mo/$475dep
office space, small kitchen, no appliances
112 Scarlet Oaks- 3/2  $950mo/$950dep Together $1100
1125 S St Andrews- Bty Shop $795mo/$795dep
301 Perry Ave- 3200sf- $3500 month
Lobby with window, office with lock, conference room, small kitchen
4 other offices, large work area.